Mandarin language and literacy time is designated for children to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Mandarin. Children will learn and use the language in literacy activities. This will include story time during the teacher will read stories in Mandarin and interact with the children to not only learn Mandarin but also develop their early literacy skills. The teacher will also design singing, dancing and crafting activities to help children become familiar with the language.  

The teacher will observe and talk with the children in Mandarin as they use playground toys and equipment. Children will be immersed in Mandarin interaction with the teacher during this time. If needed, the teacher will also design games to play with the children in Mandarin 

Mandarin Language & Literacy


Play Time


Registration Fee $40.00

Weekly Payment $210.00

Full Payment for 8 weeks                     $1680.00

Week 1:Mandarin

Week 2:African Drumming

Week 3:Boxing W. Monte Barrett

Week 4:Makey-Makey

Week 5:Soccer

Week 6:Chess

Week 7:New York City Trips

Week 8: Jazz & Literacy


Colors in Mandarin

African Drumming

African drums has a big play in Africa. In Western Culture the idea of drumming is nearly always associated with entertainment. In Africa, drums hold a deeper symbolic and historical meaning. The Djembe drum is possibly the most influential and basic of all the African drums, originally.  Children will learn rhythm and African culture through playing the Djembe drums. Stories and songs will be taught to children as well.

With Heavy Weight Champion Montee Barrett

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